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Follow me during my study in Norway!

Follow me during my study in Norway!

The time is almost there! On the 4th of January I will fly from Amsterdam to Volda (Høgskulen i Volda) to study photography and design for half a year. Would you like to follow my during this adventure? You can! During this semester I will track a travel blog where I will share the best photos and stories with you. 

The preparations are in full swing! At this the moment the temprature in Volda is -5, so I’ll better bring my sweater with me. I officialy have a room to sleep in, my ticket is booked and my packing list is complete. I would say that I am ready to go!

Thats right. Vikebygdvegen is the street name of my flat. That is going to be difficult when I have to ask for directions haha. My room is about 1 km from the university. That is not bad at all! Besides I will be sharing the kitchen with 4 to 6 other students, a great way to get to know people.

The Northern lights
When we say Norway, we say the Northern lights. It would be awesome if I get to see the Northern lights myself! January, February and march are the so called ‘Northern Lights – Months’. During these months you are most likely to see the Northern lights, so it should be possible!

Wanted: hotspots!
Norway is a completly new country for me. I have never been to Norway before. I don’t know what it is like and what I can do. Therefore I need your help! Have you ever been to Norway before and do you know any activities or hotspots which I can’t mis? Please share them with me!



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1 thought on “Follow me during my study in Norway!

  1. Fanny Åmås says:

    I was told to take contact with you and ask you if you have found the dogs you want for your Exam?
    Is it some rase you are looking for or age? Do you need them to do trix?


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